$25,000 Bail For Son Who Punched Out Fire Chief Who Let Father’s House Burn

Adding insult to injury a Tennessee homeowner?s son was arrested for felony assault after he punched out the fire chief who allowed his family?s home to burn down because his father had not paid a $75 annual rural fire subscription fee.

He was held on $25,000 bail.

The South Fulton, Tennessee Fire Department that stood by and let a family’s home burn to the ground is being widely condemned.

The International Association of Fire Fighters said, South Fulton’s firefighters were ordered to stand and watch a family lose its home because the family had not paid an annual $75 rural fire subscription service fee.

The department did respond to the call but to protect a neighbor?s property who had paid the fee.

Many jurisdictions charge response high fees to investigate traffic accidents, send emergency medical services.

The first paid fire department in America was established on April 1, 1853 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Infamously New York?s private fire brigades competed even sending runners to fires to put barrels over hydrants forbiding competing brigades from access. Brigades sold fire medalions to be posted on structures they would or would not protect.. Violence often occurred and the practice was outlawed in favor of taxpayer paid ?free? fire protection.

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